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Renovations come in all shapes and sizes. As time passes there may be a need to remodel your existing property or expand in some way. It could be an additional room, an extension or a complete transformation of the exiting decor. We can help in managing your next renovation project. The team at JH Building Project will be there to realise your vision from start to finish in a hassle-free and seamless experience.

Bathroom & Kitchen

Whether you wish to completely strip out your bathroom or kitchen or simply update it for a new and refreshing look, JH Building Project has the expertise and experience you need.

As with all of our projects, JH Building Project aims to achieve the perfect outcome for you and, as such, we believe that saving you the time and money wherever possible without compromising the end result of your home is the best way in which to work.

Additionally, not being tied to particular suppliers ensures that JH Building Project can provide you with an unbiased recommendation as to the optimal and most superb fittings, fixtures and appliances for any budget.

Blinds & Curtains

JH Building Project is also running a blinds and curtains factory. They are a great way to achieve privacy, provide insulation and modernise interior of any home. Whether you are a home-owner, investor or business, our exclusive range of designer fabrics and unique styles will surely enhance aesthetics and add to the value of your investment. Choose the style that fit your unique look!

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